Your partner for international wind energy projects

About us

Bs-green have been developing wind energy projects since 2009. We started in 2005 with the trade of first class second hand wind turbines and we sold more than 300 used wind turbines to 29 countries on 4 continents worldwide. Nowadays bs green is shareholder of 22 own wind turbines in the UK and Germany. 

Our vision

Our vision is to become a significant player in the renewable energy sector and bring the produced kWh from these natural resources to the people in the world.


Our mission

Our mission is to develop more renewable projects in more countries on more continents.

Are you interested to become our partner for continuing our mission?


As an experienced repowering partner, a wind farm owner and operator and a global project developer we are a unique player in the wind energy business

International player

Since 2003 we have done businesses
with 29 countries world wide.
Soon other countries will follow.


We have experiences in all project development stages:
Plan, Deploy, Manage & Maintain.
We are well aware of the do’s and don’t’s.


At this moment we have the following wind energy projects in different stages. Click on the map.


More than 300 used wind turbines to 29 countries have been sold worldwide. 
We are co-owner of 8 wind turbines in Germany and 14 wind turbines in the UK. 
We do technical and commercial management on these wind turbines.

Wind farm Peckelsheim (Germany)




Wind farm Westerkappeln (Germany)

Wind farm Northern Ireland (UK)


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